In this picture you can see that the tree had completely grown around
the antler on the second tine up.  I cut as much of the tree as I could
carry.  We were about half a mile from the truck.  Bull pine in this area
grow very slowly and I tried to count the rings to see how old the tree
was.  The horn was shaded most of the time but still was pretty
weathered.  The best I could come up with, is that, the antler had been
hanging there between 35 to 50 years.
One year the family and I were up in an area that we hunt
frequently during hunting season but this time we were looking
for a Christmas tree.  I had also spent a lot of time in the area
looking for sheds over the years.  But when looking for that
perfect Christmas tree you tend to look in a little different country.
We headed up into a saddle sizing up trees as we went, when I
noticed something hanging down out of the limbs of an old Bull
Pine.  When I checked it out I was presently surprised to find an
old elk antler that some one had hung up in the tree many years
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This is the same buck for two years in a row.  One year I found
both sides and the next year only one side.  The bases are
inverted and the antler at the base is as thin as an egg shell.  If
you hold them up to the light you can see right threw them.  On
the two to the left you can see a small dark spot and that is
because you are looking through a hole in the antler.  I hunted for
this buck for three years and never say him.  I also never heard of
any one getting him but I haven't found any sheds in a couple of
years.  The brown antler to the right is almost the same thing,
only from a different area.
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This is a close up of the inverted antler.