Pole Tour 1
There are 14 poles around the center table.  Each pole
has a freak elk at the bottom and then a large whitetail
set.  Except for the two poles on the door end of the
shed, they have an extra elk freak set.  The bull at the
top is the bull I found that hung itself.  Next is a freak
mule deer set and the a nice elk set.  At the very top is
a very large mule deer set.  I'm not sure if the mule
deer looks bigger or smaller framed in the elk set.
A very high racked mule deer with nice eye
guards, 24" inside spread.
The pedical on the right is bent at the skull,
leaving this antler to grow straight up.
I have no idea what caused this bull to grow antlers in this manner.  It
One side is normal, the other side may have been hurt in the velvet.