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You are entering the antler shed to
your right and looking down the
right side.

The sets along the wall are mule
deer and elk.  The deer are the
smallest that have 3 or more points
to a side.

The antlers that are stacked under
the table on both sides are sorted
by size and have 3 points or more.
You have just walked down the right
side, and you are looking back.
Shed Room Page 2

There is an old mounted mule deer in the center that is part of the family and
was mounted during the depression.  Also, on this wall are the biggest antelope
that I have and three that are freak.

The top of the table is covered with freak mule deer sheds and freak whitetail

The antlers stacked under the table are large mule deer sheds.   

The rock work in this picture represents a setting sun and the east wall has a
rising sun.   All the rock is petrified wood,with elk antler burrs pressed into the