This is the back wall .  The rock work is in the shape of an arrow head.  I
used old 2 x 12's and then mortared in the rocks.  The rocks are local with
different types of calcite, also  granite and jasper.

In front of the stacked deer sheds are elk sheds that are also freak.

The spike right in the center is a doe with no pedicle on one side.  The
Hershey Kisses buck is just below the doe.   
This is the left side of the same wall with more
freak elk and deer sets.

There is an elk set to your right about half way
up that has 3 on one side and 5 on the other
but the side with the 3 points has the peticle
bent to the side right off the skull.

The set of elk horns in the center of the arrow
has a normal 5 point on the left side, and the
other side is just a long spike.

The whitetail set above the elk set  has 6
points on one side and 7 on the other, but on
the left side it has a double row of points.

Again you can see the some of the oddities on
the elk sheds leaning against the wall.

The deer sets, on each side of the 2 point
below the freak elk, have one side that sweeps

Deer sheds at the tip of the arrow are shed
This is the right side of the back wall, and you can
see the rock work and the freak sets a little better.

The deer set with the skull attached is very
unusual.  Part of the base is skull, and there is a
hole in the back of the horn at the base that was
probably caused from an old bullet wound.

The elk set above it has a normal 6 point on one
side, and on the other is a base with a hole in the
middle of it with a point about 2 inches long.

The 2 point in between the two has one side all
the way forward, and the other is normal.  The
other side of the wall has an identical set

There is a set to your left that has 10 points on
each side  and one to the right that is a 7 by 6.

You can see some of the elk sheds that are freaks
leaned against the wall.

The deer sheds stacked against the tip of the
arrow are fresh shed sets.  
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