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This is a view down
through the rafters.  
There are over 800 sets
of deer in the rafters.  
This is probably not the
best view of them .

I used old lumber to
cover the rafters.

There are seven rafters
in the 64 feet.  The
center rafter is all
whitetail sets.
This is one of the panels that
are in front of each post.  They
have a shed set of deer antlers
mortared in with the rock.  The
corners of the tables are done
also.  They have more rock
and elk burrs mortared in.
This is just a view  of bringing
the antlers in a wheelbarrow
load at a time.

Stacked under the edge of the
center table and the side table
are over 7,000 deer sheds.

There are over 1,700 sets of
deers on the walls and
including the rafters.
On the far end of the
center table are two
openings and these are
both stacked with 2 point
deer antlers.  I never
counted how many I put
in each opening but I'm
sure there is around 700
or more.  The ones
stacked in front are also
two points but they are
the largest ones.
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Construction Phase 3