This is my parents back yard when I was
growing up.  The shed in the back ground is
full of deer and elk sets.  My brother is
standing by the stack, which I built.  I'm
standing on the roof of my parents house to
take the picture.  My brother is over 6 foot tall.

I wired elk antlers together,standing them on
their bases, to build the stack.  Then I hung
deer antlers on the outside.    

The set of elk antlers on the top are massive.  
It took me two days to get them packed out of
the mountains.  The stack blew over one year,
and  the skull broke into.
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When my wife and I
bought a place of our own
there was an old house
on the property, and I
started my first horn shed.

The ones on the back
wall are ones I shot.  
Notice the whitetail on the
right.  It has an inside
spread of 26 inches and
main beams of 24 inches.

This was in the early 70's,
and I had around 2000
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In the late 70's, I built two archways .  I never did
count how many elk antlers were in each one but
there were over 400.

My oldest daughter is standing in the center and
she was just over 5' at the time.

I used deer sheds to hang off the elk antlers so
the ones I used had to have a good eye guard.

The elk sets on the top are 300 bulls or better
and were stolen along with 25 other set a few
years later.
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I tore the roof off it and raised the
walls 12'.  I used old paneling on
the walls.

It was 16' x 24' and held about a
10th of the antlers I had at that
time.  It served me well for 15
years or so.  A lot of people
stopped by to look it over.

Their were sky lights in the roof,
something I wish I had put in the
new horn house.
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