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This is an archway I had at my
parents cabin.  I got pretty good at
building them and then  in a few
years tearing them down.  It's
surprising how well they  stack
together.  I usually used a set of elk
horns in the center to make the
arch part.  I would  arrange the elk
in a circle with the buts down and
bring the tops together. On  the
next layer I would wire the buts to
the top of the last row about the
fourth tine up.  In this picture their
are four tears before you get to the
all around the out side, to make it all
around the out side, to make it
thicker looking.  My parents sold
thicker looking.  My parents sold
the place so I had to tear it down
after it was up about ten years.  The
antlers didn't' weather as bad as I
thought they might.             
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Just a pretty good day
of collecting antlers.   I
packed this load out
about four miles  This
was an all day hike.  
Thats a real nice set of
deer antlers on the
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This is how I pack antlers
out now days.  I'm
holding about 25 deer
sheds.  I take a fanny
pack, with  two lengthens
of drape cord about four
feet long.  I always like to
dress up when I'm out in
he woods.  I'll never be a
model for Cabella's or any
other sporting goods
store.  I just hate to give
up a good feeling coat
and barbed wire always
raises hell with a pair of
pants.  Some times I take
the bulldog but she isn't
good for anything more
than  packing water for.
History 3