The designs are made out of
planks, that were up to 20
feet long.  They are a full two
inches thick so it gave me
enough room to fill in with

Their are four arrow heads.  
Two on each long wall that I
didn't mortar in.  The design
in the center of the wall
represents a rising sun to the
east and a setting sun to the
west.  The building runs
north and south.  I used
petrified rock on the suns
and elk horn burrs.  It took a
while to get the mortar the
right consistency.
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These were some of the
first pictures I took when I
started working on the
inside of the
building.           The
building is a pole barn
type with 12 foot walls.  
The part the antlers are in
is 30 feet wide and 64 feet
long.  Yes, I should have
made it longer and could
have gone another 8 feet
to the property line.
Over the studded walls I
put a layer of boards
length wise.  Over that I
put 12 to 16 inch boards
upright, 12 feet long.
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On the south wall are
arrow heads that are
mortared in.  Here I used
lichen covered jasper and
granite rock.   All the rock
is local, including the
petrified   wood.  My wife
and I have been collecting
other rock in the arrow
heads are crystals or
calcite rock.  Elk antler
burrs are here also.  The
corners are also rocked.  
A lot of sorting was done
before anything went up.  
I wanted something in a design
that looked like a wolf head and
the best I could come up with
was an Egyptian dog head.
The rafters were just the normal
ones that hold up any pole barn
roof.  They were made out of
new lumber so I had to encase
them with old one inch lumber
and this took a while.  The
rafters are 8 feet apart.  I tried to
blend the door in with the wall.
The lighting is to strips of
fluorescent the length of the
Antler Shed Construction Phase 1