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After I finished the walls and
rafters and had all the sets up
on them, I started on the center
table.  It is 48 feet long and 10
feet wide.  It is sloped from the
center to the front edges about
6 inches.  This helps in
displaying the antlers when they
are laying down.
There are two lodge poles under
each rafter.  Not for support but
to display more antlers.
I used partial board for the table
tops but then they are covered
with an old tongue and grove
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On the tops of the tables, I also
did rock work.  More calcite
crystals. With flat pieces of
granite and jasper.
Down the center I mortared in
old buffalo, sheep, bobcat,
coyote, and deer skulls.  Out
from the center I mortared in
rock to each pole.  That gave me
a frame in which to display the
antlers in different categories.
In front of each pole and in the
middle of each end is a panel,
that is 16 inches wide and
rocked with a shed set of deer
mortared in..  
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For the floor I had a load of red
crushed red rock delivered.  This
is the only rock on the places that
wasn't brought in a pick up load
at a time.  There are 23 tons in the
pile.  I used a wheel barrow to
haul it into the shed.  I had to take
it about 150 feet through two
In the background against the
house you can see some more
part of what my wife and I have
hauled.  I tried to figure it up once
and it is well over a 150 tons.
The crushed rock is 6 to 8 inches thick in the isle
ways.  After it was all hauled in, I brought in flat rock to
walk on.  They are  different ones we had collected
over the years and kept separate just encase I had a
use for them.  A lot of them have real nice lichen on

There is also a table that runs the length of each long
wall.  They are 3 feet wide and put together the same as
the center table, including the slope.  They also have
the sectioned off mortar work.
I piled the shed deer antlers between the table and the
floor all the way around the center table and all along
the side tables.  I have kept all the whitetail together  
and then all the shed sets and big sheds and so on.  
The panels for the poles helped me to do this also.
On each end I used the bottom half of the wall to
display the freak elk sheds by leaning them up against
the wall.   On the south end I had to many deer freak
sheds so I stacked them and leaned freak elk up
against them.       I did most of the work during the
winter and spring and not much during the fall and
summer. To many out side projects.
Construction Phase 2