This is collection from a recent trip to
Easter Montana.  I had only been in the
area for a day a couple weeks earlier
and wasn't sure what the area had in
store.  I had always wander to try it out
but it is over 400 miles from where I
live.  I took a week's vacation and spent
5 full days hiking.  On my best day I
found l8 antlers and on my worst I found
5.  I hiked at least 12 hours each day.
What I like about the area, is that
you can find whitetail, mule deer,
and elk antlers in the same area.  I
found the mule deer shed, the shed
set of whitetail and the shed set of
elk on the same ridge with in 300
yards of one another.
The three whitetail sets are all three
points with brow points. They show the
difference in size antlers can be and still
be three points.

The mule deer set to the left is twenty  
two inches high if you measure from the
top point straight down to the base.  
The spread at the top of the rack is less
than six inches.
This is all the antlers separated on my
shop floor.  To the left are the shed
set of elk and the fresh shed deer.  
Next is the whitetail sets.  There are
seven of them.  Next are three mule
deer sets.  The first pile are whitetail
sheds and the second is mule deer
sheds.  On top of the counter are two
shed sets of whitetail and one shed
set of mule deer.  There are 45
antlers in all.  
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