This is the first whitetail I ever shot and the biggest.  He makes the B C
book, with a final score of 171 and 1/8, but I have never entered him.  
Why, good question.  He is a 6 X 4 with 6 and 7 inch eye guards.  The
inside spread is 26" and the out side is 28".  He has a 3 1/2" and a 1"
point on one side that he doesn't have on the other.  His main beans
are shorted than his inside spread so he gets deductions there also.  
His gross score was at 180.
I had gotten off shift at eight in the morning and my wife and I were
headed up into the mountains to go elk hunting.  We were about a
quarter of a mile out of a little town when he jumped the road in front
of us.  I hit the brakes and ran to the fence and jumped over.  He stood
broadside about 75 yards and I took a shot.  Missed, my scope was set
on 9 power and I shot right over him.  He turned into the brush and
was gone.  I new the rancher, whose property I was on and I could
hear him feeding cattle about a quarter of a mile away.  I headed over
to talk to him.  It was in the same direction the buck had gone.  I
walked into the brush and on the other side was a little clearing and
guess what?  There to my utter amazement stood the whitetail with
his antlers tangled in an old bared wire fence.  I couldn't believe it.  He
saw me just as he broke lose.  He was only about 30 yards.  I didn't
miss this time.  After dressing him out, I went on over to the rancher
and told him what had happened.