This is  the widest buck I have ever shot.  He is a 5 x 5 and the out
side spread is 31".
He also comes with a story.  I was hunting in one of my favorite areas
east of me and about two ridges over I spotted this buck with six
does.  I don't know how far away he was but I could make out he was
does.  I don't know how far away he was but I could make out he was
a good buck   there was nothing but open sage brush between us.  I
was surprised he was in this low of country.  I got a brain storm, and
thought if I hold over him about 20 feet and shot, it might scare him to
go down in the bottom of the draw out of sight and I could get closer.  
Not one of my swifter moves.  I shot and he went down alright but
turned up hill to go over a little saddle.  He was also dragging a front
leg.  Yes, I had hit him.  I ran as fast as I could up the ridge I was on to
head him off because I thought I new where he would cross over into
another big canyon.  I went faster than normal because I was kicking
myself all the way for pulling such a stupid stunt.  When I got to the
spot, sure enough here they came but no buck just the does.  I
followed their tracks back to where I had seen him  go over the
saddle and there was his tracks with a little blood in them.  I could
see open country for two miles and no deer.  Then I looked right
below me,about 100 yards, and looking back up at me, from under a
small lone pine was the buck. He had his head tilled and one side of
his rack  touched the ground.  I aimed true and thanked God for
letting me correct a stupid mistake.              
didn't kill him, he died of a heart attack.  His main frame is a 3 X 5 with eye
guards that are over 5" long.  He also has 8 other points on one side and 4 on
the other that are over an inch long.  They are all between his eye guards and
his base.
Now back to the heart attack story.  I was hiking up into an area, that I had
been in the day before when I missed a shot at a huge 5 X 5.  I made a big
circle and was coming down the same ridge I had jumped the 5 point.  In the
same patch of timber I ran into this buck.  We spotted each other at the same
time and he made a mad dash to my right and just below me.  I barely had
time to swing my rifle around as he went by and squeeze off a shot.  My rifle
at the time was an old 30-30 with open sights and it broke like a shot gun to
load.  One shot, that was it.  My Grandfather had killed a grizzly bear with it
in the 30's.  Anyway back to the buck.  He went about 50 yards and dropped
dead.  I was so proud.  I looked for a bullet hole but couldn't find one.  
When I dressed him out I saved the heart and liver.  After we had him hung
up at home and were skinning him out we learned the story.  When I shot, I
grazed a rib and it was enough to break it.  A piece about three inches long
had stuck in his heart.  We cut the heart open and their it was.