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This is a shed set I found
in the 70's.  In fact all six
of these pictures are from
the same period and out
of the same area.
You notice one antler is
white and the other is
brown and that is
because I found one year
and the other the next.
They are seven by seven
with nice guard tines.
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I will introduce my wife.  She is
the one who does most of the
heavy lifting on the rocks we
bring home.
This buck has a very nice frame
and sets up real square.
The reason a lot of these shed
sets are white is because I
never used to worry about how
early I went out in the spring
and some areas I never even
went into until the fall.
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I was wrong about all of
them coming out of the
same area.  This one came
out of the area where I took
the 30 inch buck, that is in
the mounts part of my web
This is the closes I have to a
set that is palmated.  I also
have a shed of his from the
previous year.  The
palmating doesn't show up
in this picture very well.
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Finally a smile.  It
must have been
toward the end of the
photo session.
Some day I would
like to mount this set
of sheds.  They are
very uniform and
match up will.  They
have six on a side
plus the brow tines.  
This rack has a lot
of brow tines and
they are two and
three inches long.  
It also has a very
nice frame with
long points even
though the front
ones are pretty
close together.
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