You are starting back
up the opposite side
you came down.

Further down the table
are more deer freaks,
elk freaks and large
deer sheds.

There are also deer
sheds stacked
underneath on both

The deer sets that
blanket the wall are the
second larges sets I
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This is the middle of the left wall.  
There is a nice mount in the center
that is in the velvet and was found at
a dump years ago.

On each side of the mount is a
sheep, and there are also antelope
and goat on this wall.

In the center above the mule deer
mount is a large set of moose
horns.  They almost make the
Boone and Crockett.  I packed them
out of the mountains in the dark
about 7 miles with 28 shed elk
antlers, after a long day of gathering.

On the table are freak deer sheds,
whitetail and mule deer.

Stacked under are two sections of
large deer sheds.
This is the left side and you are
looking back down from where
you just came.

On top of the table to the left are
large shed mule deer and sheds
with many points.

Here you can see some of the rock
work on the floor.  The flat rock
was hauled in one pick up load at a